WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin V1.1 released

The WordPress OpenStreetMap plugin OSM has been released with some new features focusing on a simple userbility. There is a new GUI in the WordPress blog backend to create a slippy map with personal information like popup markers or GPX tracks. The text for the popup marker can be added directly in the backend and in addition to it you can add  a link to a routing service to the popup marker automatically.
Some feedback from OpenStreetMapusers has been added, too. The theme for the control set can be chosen and the setting for the z-index can be set for each map separatly.The plugin uses the OpenLayers technology(Free Maps for the Web) which does not need any registration or API keys!Approved features like creating a map with all geotagged posts are still available since the OpenStreetMap plugin is fully compatible to all previous plugin versions.


New features:

  • adding the text for a popup marker directly in the shortcode generator
  • adding a link to a router service in the shortcode generator (thx to Bernhard for feedback)
  • setting the z-index in the backend (thx. to Matthias for feedback)
  • adding the mouseposition to your map
  • choose the dark theme or the default OpenLayers theme for the controls

The steps to a slippy map in your post/page are quite straightforward:

  1. install and activate the WordPress OpenStreetMap plugin in the backend of your blog
  2. go to „Settings“ => „OSM“ to create the shortcode by adjusting the map and adding your personal data and style
  3. copy the shortcode and paste it into your post / page

A popup marker on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

This sample is fully generated with the shortcode generator in the backend. The link to the routerservice is added automatically and the controlset „dark“ is chosen:

[osm_map lat=“37.828″ long=“-122.362″ zoom=“12″ width=“600″ height=“450″ marker=“37.825,-122.307″ marker_name=“car.png“ map_border=“thin solid black“ control=“scaleline,mouseposition“ m_txt_01=“Mit dem Leihaute“ m_txt_02=“nach San Francisco“ marker_routing=“cm“ theme=“dark“ type=“Mapnik“]

A GPX track with a marker next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris

You can choose from several map services (OSM, Google, …), this sample from Eiffel Tower in Paris shows google maps satellite map (no API key is needed!). The GPX file has to be uploaded to the upload folder – the location has to be set in the shortcode generator. The bicycle as marker is added directly in the backend as well.

[osm_map lat=“48.858″ long=“2.296″ zoom=“17″ width=“600″ height=“450″ marker=“48.85688,2.29873″ marker_name=“bicycling.png“ map_border=“thin solid blue“ control=“scaleline,mouseposition“ type=“Google Satellite“ gpx_file=“http://www.hanblog.net/wp-content/uploads/osm_map/WP_OSM_Plugin_Track_01.gpx“]


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