WordPress OpenStreetMap plugin V0.9.5 released

The WordPress OSM (OpenStreetMap) plugin has been released with Version 0.9.5 – which covers some new features as well as some bugfixes. In addition to it tests with new released WordPress 3.1 have been made and passed successfully. So the new plugin version is compatible from WP 2.5.1 up to WP 3.1. Since there are still a lot of WordPress blogs which can not update to a higher version due the requirements of MySQL and PHP version.

Filter geotagged posts and pages by category

One key-feature of this release is the filter by category if you display geotagged posts or pages of the blog. On the samplepage Fotomobil.at the categories represent the countries which gives you the possibilty to show all geotagged posts in one country with a shortcode like this with the new tag „import_osm_cat_incl_name“ :

[*osm_map Lat="47" Long="0" zoom="1" width="505"  height="350"  marker_name="wpttemp-yellow.png"  import="osm" import_osm_cat_incl_name="austria"]

*<= remove the red star
To exclude one category use the new tag: import_osm_cat_excl_name

Other new features and fixes

  • new feature: map picker displays name of the GPX file instead of GPX_Num (see this sample)
  • new feature: marker position for private markers can be set with new tag: „marker_focus“
  • new feature: border for the map can be added by „map_border“ tag (see geocaching sample on this site)
  • bug fix: style problems with some themes (eg Suffusion)

Some internal changes are:

  • default map type is „AllOsm“ instead of „All“
  • shortcode is not traced in a messagebox anymore but as plain text on the option page

There were some more issues planned for this version, but they were postponed to the next version.

Geocaching with WordPress OSM plugin

Geocaching became a very populare leisure activity and Christian published on Schmolzi.de a Skript including the detailled explanation to export geocaches from GSAK to a marker file which is easyly imported into the OSM plugin – after a few steps his very nice sample looks like this:

[*osm_map lat="49.81" long="8.71" zoom="13" width="600" height="400" marker_file="http://hanblog.net/wp-content/uploads/osm_map/Schmolzi_de_Geocaching_01.txt" map_border="medium groove blue"]

* <= remove the red star

[osm_map lat=“49.81″ long=“8.71″ zoom=“13″ width=“600″ height=“400″ map_border=“medium groove blue“ marker_file=“http://hanblog.net/wp-content/uploads/osm_map/Schmolzi_de_Geocaching_01.txt“]
If you click on the icons you will get a popup with a link to this cacheinfo on geocaching.com.

WordPress Plugin Site update with new plugin for spam protection and piwik for statistics

For detailed tests the OSM-plugin site was updated from WP 2.8 to WP 3.1 which leaded to some challenges. One of them were the wrong special characters (UTF8 instead of latin). Beside this we changed some plugins at Fotomobil.at. In several blogs the plugins akismet and wordpress.com Stats were explainded critically with some technical background information, so we removed them from our site and installed Antispam Bee for spam protection and piwik for statistics – both are doing their job very well.

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